Delle Glazed JarDelle Glazed Jar

Delle Glazed Jar

$119.00 CAD
Petone Clay PlanterPetone Clay Planter

Petone Clay Planter

From $89.00 CAD
Brass Pepper Mill 9"Brass Pepper Mill 9"
On sale

Brass Pepper Mill 9"

$139.00 CAD $159.00 CAD
The Ansel Jar has a cream colour with a light speckled look.The Ansel jar is a small porcelain jar that can be used as decoration or to hold utensils.

Ansel Jar

$69.00 CAD
Candle SnufferCandle Snuffer

Candle Snuffer

$19.00 CAD
Pare Clay JarPare Clay Jar

Pare Clay Jar

From $149.00 CAD
Denali VaseDenali Vase

Denali Vase

From $149.00 CAD
Deja Wooden BowlDeja Wooden Bowl

Deja Wooden Bowl

From $59.00 CAD
Kai Marble DishKai Marble Dish

Kai Marble Dish

From $29.00 CAD
Rayon Marble TrayRayon Marble Tray

Rayon Marble Tray

$69.00 CAD
Morbello Palm BroomMorbello Palm Broom
On sale

Morbello Palm Broom

$19.00 CAD $38.00 CAD
Lexi BasketLexi Basket
On sale

Lexi Basket

$49.00 CAD $65.00 CAD
Almazan BasketThe Almazan basket is made from hand woven palm leaves and has two handles.

Almazan Basket

$109.00 CAD
Each Raya Clay Jar is handmade making each jar vary in texture and form slightly.Raya Clay Jar

Raya Clay Jar

From $149.00 CAD
Hazel BasketHazel Basket
On sale

Hazel Basket

$35.00 CAD $55.00 CAD
The Aura clear glass vase has a small lip at the opening of the vase. The Aura vase is made from clear glass and has a sleek modern style.
On sale

Aura Clear Vase

$19.00 CAD $29.00 CAD
Haven Grey VaseHaven Grey Vase

Haven Grey Vase

$39.00 CAD

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