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Kolt Oversized BasketKolt Oversized Basket
Kolt Oversized BasketSale price$133.17 USD
Delle Glazed JarDelle Glazed Jar
Delle Glazed JarSale price$88.53 USD
Sold outPetone Clay PlanterPetone Clay Planter
Petone Clay PlanterSale priceFrom $66.21 USD
Maroc Vase with HandlesMaroc Vase with Handles
Maroc Vase with HandlesSale price$148.05 USD
BestsellerSave $14.88Brass Pepper Mill 9"Brass Pepper Mill 9"
Brass Pepper Mill 9"Sale price$103.41 USDRegular price$118.29 USD
The Ansel jar is a small porcelain jar that can be used as decoration or to hold utensils.Ansel Jar
Ansel JarSale price$51.33 USD
The Blackened Wooden Bowl is found so each bowl varries in size and shape. Blackened Wooden Bowl
Blackened Wooden BowlSale price$140.61 USD
Candle SnufferCandle Snuffer
Candle SnufferSale price$14.14 USD
Pare Clay JarPare Clay Jar
Pare Clay JarSale priceFrom $110.85 USD
Denali VaseDenali Vase
Denali VaseSale priceFrom $110.85 USD
Deja Wooden BowlDeja Wooden Bowl
Deja Wooden BowlSale priceFrom $43.89 USD
Kai Marble DishKai Marble Dish
Kai Marble DishSale priceFrom $21.58 USD
Rayon Marble TrayRayon Marble Tray
Rayon Marble TraySale price$51.33 USD
Save $14.13Morbello Palm BroomMorbello Palm Broom
Morbello Palm BroomSale price$14.14 USDRegular price$28.27 USD
Save $11.91Lexi BasketLexi Basket
Lexi BasketSale price$36.45 USDRegular price$48.36 USD
The Almazan basket is made from hand woven palm leaves and has two handles. Almazan Basket
Almazan BasketSale price$81.09 USD
Raya Clay JarEach Raya Clay Jar is handmade making each jar vary in texture and form slightly.
Raya Clay JarSale priceFrom $110.85 USD
On saleHazel BasketHazel Basket
Hazel BasketSale priceFrom $26.04 USDRegular price$40.92 USD
Save $7.44The Aura vase is made from clear glass and has a sleek modern style.The Aura clear glass vase has a small lip at the opening of the vase.
Aura Clear VaseSale price$14.14 USDRegular price$21.58 USD
Haven Grey VaseHaven Grey Vase
Haven Grey VaseSale price$29.01 USD
Save $7.44Briar Cylinder VaseBriar Cylinder Vase
Briar Cylinder VaseSale price$14.14 USDRegular price$21.58 USD
VITA (life) Soy Candle
VITA (life) Soy CandleSale price$36.45 USD
VIS (strength) Soy CandleVIS (strength) Soy Candle
VIS (strength) Soy CandleSale priceFrom $21.58 USD
HIEMS (comfort) Soy Candle
HIEMS (comfort) Soy CandleSale price$36.45 USD
NOVO (rise) Soy CandleNOVO (rise) Soy Candle
NOVO (rise) Soy CandleSale priceFrom $21.58 USD
SILENTIUM (silence) Soy CandleSILENTIUM (silence) Soy Candle
SILENTIUM (silence) Soy CandleSale priceFrom $21.58 USD
Wick TrimmerWick Trimmer
Wick TrimmerSale price$14.14 USD
Everesy VaseEveresy Vase
Everesy VaseSale price$110.85 USD
Giotto PlanterGiotto Planter
Giotto PlanterSale price$58.77 USD
Finley Wood BowlFinley Wood Bowl
Finley Wood BowlSale price$43.89 USD
Whitehaven VaseWhitehaven Vase
Whitehaven VaseSale price$133.17 USD
Aria BowlAria Bowl
Aria BowlSale price$66.21 USD
Lark TrayLark Tray
Lark TraySale price$51.33 USD
Artemis Planter PotArtemis Planter Pot
Artemis Planter PotSale price$43.89 USD
Save $22.32Sri Lanka BasketSri Lanka Basket
Sri Lanka BasketSale price$95.97 USDRegular price$118.29 USD
Luna Storage PotLuna Storage Pot
Luna Storage PotSale price$36.45 USD
Save $3.72Zhara HookZhara Hook
Zhara HookSale price$10.42 USDRegular price$14.14 USD
Sauda Clay PotSauda Clay Pot
Sauda Clay PotSale price$88.53 USD
The Lovell Marble Plate is a stunning green marble catch-all plate. The Lovell Marble Plate has a shallow flat bowl that could display candels or hold jewlery or keys.
Lovell Marble PlateSale price$103.41 USD
Sold outMontale Iron LanternMontale Iron Lantern
Montale Iron LanternSale priceFrom $81.09 USD
BestsellerSave $14.88Brass Salt Mill 8"Brass Salt Mill 8"
Brass Salt Mill 8"Sale price$95.97 USDRegular price$110.85 USD
Calne Woven BasketCalne Woven Basket
Calne Woven BasketSale price$58.77 USD
Siles Marble Candle HolderSiles Marble Candle Holder
Siles Marble Candle HolderSale priceFrom $29.01 USD
The Ardeb Mach Bowl is a handmade unique paper bowl.The Arden Mach Bowl is perfect as a catch-all bowl or on its own as a cool decor piece.
Arden Mach BowlSale price$66.21 USD
Calla Mini HookCalla Mini Hook
Calla Mini HookSale price$6.70 USD
The Ansel Bottle is a small porcelain decorative bottle.The Ansel Bottle has oval opening and a round base.
Ansel BottleSale price$36.45 USD
Ida Mini Marble TrayIda Mini Marble Tray
Ida Mini Marble TraySale price$51.33 USD
Adler Wooden RiserAdler Wooden Riser
Adler Wooden RiserSale price$81.09 USD