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This Olive Oil Bar Soap is made of gentle, natural ingredients perfect for a little ones sensitive skin. This olive oil soap for little ones contains rosemary leaf which has calming and antibacterial properties.
Hand SoapHand Soap
Hand SoapSale price$29.01 USD
Hand LotionHand Lotion
Hand LotionSale price$36.45 USD
Hand Soap RefillHand Soap Refill
Hand Soap RefillSale price$43.89 USD
Olive Oil Bar SoapThe Olive Oil Bar Soap with bentonite clay helps to exfoliate and remove excess oil from the skin.
Olive Oil Bar SoapSale price$14.14 USD
Hand and Body Scrub - Matcha TeaHand and Body Scrub - Matcha Tea
Bath Creamer Box, 4 Pack - BlackcurrantBath Creamer Box, 4 Pack - Blackcurrant
Travertine Soap DishTravertine Soap Dish
Travertine Soap DishSale price$21.58 USD