Calne Woven BasketCalne Woven Basket

Calne Woven Basket

$109.00 CAD
Sapai Carry BagSapai Carry Bag

Sapai Carry Bag

$120.00 CAD
The Banff Basket comes in two sizes and has handles on either side attached by one large handle. The Banff Basket is made from beautiful hand-woven sea grass.

Banff Basket Set

$229.00 CAD
Suyan BasketSuyan Basket
Sold out

Suyan Basket

$99.00 CAD
The Almazan basket is made from hand woven palm leaves and has two handles.

Almazan Basket

$109.00 CAD
Lexi BasketLexi Basket

Lexi Basket

$65.00 CAD
Sri Lanka BasketSri Lanka Basket

Sri Lanka Basket

$159.00 CAD

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