Petone Clay PlanterPetone Clay Planter

Petone Clay Planter

From $66.08 USD
Pare Clay JarPare Clay Jar

Pare Clay Jar

From $110.62 USD
Each Raya Clay Jar is handmade making each jar vary in texture and form slightly.Raya Clay Jar

Raya Clay Jar

From $110.62 USD
Denali VaseDenali Vase

Denali Vase

From $110.62 USD
Soleil Stoneware PotSoleil Stoneware Pot

Soleil Stoneware Pot

From $140.32 USD
Senna Terracotta PotSenna Terracotta Pot

Senna Terracotta Pot

From $140.32 USD
Sauda Clay PotSauda Clay Pot

Sauda Clay Pot

$88.35 USD
Ansel JarThe Ansel jar is a small porcelain jar that can be used as decoration or to hold utensils.

Ansel Jar

$51.23 USD
Everesy VaseEveresy Vase

Everesy Vase

$110.62 USD
Verona VaseVerona Vase

Verona Vase

$103.20 USD
Briar Cylinder VaseBriar Cylinder Vase
On sale

Briar Cylinder Vase

$14.11 USD $21.53 USD
The Aura clear glass vase has a small lip at the opening of the vase. The Aura vase is made from clear glass and has a sleek modern style.
On sale

Aura Clear Vase

$14.11 USD $21.53 USD
The Ansel Bottle has oval opening and a round base.The Ansel Bottle is a small porcelain decorative bottle.

Ansel Bottle

$36.38 USD
Aria BowlAria Bowl

Aria Bowl

$66.08 USD

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