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Antique Tea TrayAntique Tea Tray
Antique Tea Tray Sale price$179.00 CAD
Sold outTala Stone BowlTala Stone Bowl
Tala Stone Bowl Sale price$79.00 CAD
Antique Rice ContainerAntique Rice Container
Antique Rice Container Sale price$119.00 CAD
Vintage Teak BowlVintage Teak Bowl
Vintage Teak Bowl Sale priceFrom $99.00 CAD
The Blackened Wooden Bowl is found so each bowl varries in size and shape. Blackened Wooden Bowl
Blackened Wooden Bowl Sale price$189.00 CAD
Ida Mini Marble TrayIda Mini Marble Tray
Ida Mini Marble Tray Sale price$69.00 CAD
Adele Marble BowlAdele Marble Bowl
Adele Marble Bowl Sale price$39.00 CAD
Rae Marble DishRae Marble Dish
Rae Marble Dish Sale price$52.00 CAD
Jiro Clay BowlJiro Clay Bowl
Jiro Clay Bowl Sale price$39.00 CAD
Vintage Stone BowlVintage Stone Bowl
Vintage Stone Bowl Sale price$89.00 CAD
Truffle Marble Tray - SquareTruffle Marble Tray - Square
Truffle Marble Tray - Square Sale price$149.00 CAD
Truffle Marble Tray - Rectangle
Truffle Marble Tray - Rectangle Sale price$139.00 CAD
Sylvan Wood TraySylvan Wood Tray
Sylvan Wood Tray Sale price$189.00 CAD
Rayon Marble TrayRayon Marble Tray
Rayon Marble Tray Sale price$69.00 CAD
Finley Wood BowlFinley Wood Bowl
Finley Wood Bowl Sale price$59.00 CAD
Adler Wooden RiserAdler Wooden Riser
Adler Wooden Riser Sale price$109.00 CAD
The Lovell Marble Plate is a stunning green marble catch-all plate. The Lovell Marble Plate has a shallow flat bowl that could display candels or hold jewlery or keys.
Lovell Marble Plate Sale price$139.00 CAD
Kai Marble DishKai Marble Dish
Kai Marble Dish Sale priceFrom $29.00 CAD
The Ardeb Mach Bowl is a handmade unique paper bowl.The Arden Mach Bowl is perfect as a catch-all bowl or on its own as a cool decor piece.
Arden Mach Bowl Sale price$89.00 CAD
Truffle Marble Tray - Flat RectangleTruffle Marble Tray - Flat Rectangle
Deja Wooden BowlDeja Wooden Bowl
Deja Wooden Bowl Sale priceFrom $59.00 CAD
Lark TrayLark Tray
Lark Tray Sale price$69.00 CAD
Oval Marble TrayOval Marble Tray
Oval Marble Tray Sale price$69.00 CAD
Mango Wood TrayMango Wood Tray
Mango Wood Tray Sale price$59.00 CAD
Cadence Pedestal Bowl
Cadence Pedestal Bowl Sale price$139.00 CAD
Travertine Tray - RectangleTravertine Tray - Rectangle
Travertine Tray - Rectangle Sale priceFrom $79.00 CAD
Olive Wood Organic Tray
Olive Wood Organic Tray Sale price$79.00 CAD
Lilia BowlLilia Bowl
Lilia Bowl Sale price$219.00 CAD