5 Ways to Keep Your Towels Soft

One of the biggest factors I take into account when purchasing hand, bath, and kitchen towels is the softness of the fabric! Unfortunately, way too many times a towel that starts out soft and luxurious turns stiff and rough over time

I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this, so I've found a few tips and tricks that can easily be added to your wash routine to make sure your towels stay soft, cozy, and absorbent after every wash. 


1. Detergent:

How much detergent you're using actually makes a big difference! If you use too much detergent the rinse cycle might not be able to fully rinse it out your towels. This causes soap build up, leading to stiff towels. One way to ensure the detergent won't build up is to add it to the water and set the temperature to warm before adding in your towels. Doing this will help the detergent dissolve in water evenly and rinse out of your towels much easier. 


2. Avoid Fabric Softeners:

I know this sounds strange, since why wouldn't something called a fabric SOFTENER soften my towels! But I promise you it's not worth it. Most fabric softeners contain silicones that build up on your towels, eventually making them water repellent. Water repellent towels won't be able to wash out very well, resulting in both dirt and detergent build up - ew! Also, after a while they won't dry you off very well! 

So instead of using fabric softeners, use vinegar to soften your towels while keeping them nice and absorbent. Every six weeks wash your towels once normally and then a second time without detergent but with one cup of vinegar. Vinegar will get rid of any build up on your towels making them feel soft again. Additionally, vinegar will freshen the scent and remove any mildew odours. So no chemicals and soft, absorbent towels! 

3. Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is going to be your towel's best friend. Baking soda will remove odour, grime, or chemicals that have built up and caused stiff, scratchy towels. Using baking soda also means that you won't need to use as much detergent in your wash load which means less soap build up. Just add half a cup of baking soda to your usual wash load.

4. Drying:

Too much heat isn't good for your towels and causes the fibres to knit together tightly. Try to air dry or use a low heat setting as much as possible. The best way to dry your towels is to air dry most of the way and tumble dry to finish drying completely and to fluff up the towels. You can also completely air dry and shake the towels out after to fluff up the fibres. 


5. Don't overdo it:

Over-washing and over-filling the washer and the dryer isn't going to help your towels stay soft and absorbent. If you over-wash, your towels will wear down quicker and more soap will build up. Towels only need to be washed every three to five uses. 

Over-filling the washing machine won't allow detergent and the rinse cycle to properly wash each and every towel. It is best to wash towels separate from clothes as well, as towels are usually less dirty than clothing and require less detergent. Over-filling the dryer won’t allow enough room for air to get in and properly fluff the towels.


All of the towels on the Maison Blonde Shop were chosen because of their amazing fabrics, ability to absorb, and of course, their beauty! We want you to be able to enjoy that feeling for the entire life of your towels, so I hope that you use these tips to keep them soft and fresh.

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