How to setup a beautiful outdoor dinner party

We may be running out of time here in Ottawa for an outdoor dinner party, but for those of you who are lucky enough to live in a place that's good for hosting year-round, we wanted to show you our full dinner party setting to bring out the creative host in you!

Beautiful dinner table setting with unique clay pots and small wooden breadboard,

I love spending time with family and friends out for an amazing dinner but sometimes it is nice to be able to provide the beautiful ambiance in our own backyard. We designed this table setting with community building in mind. 

Each of the decor and place-setting pieces that we used to set up our dinner party were chosen because I love how they fit together!

The Pare Clay Jar as a centrepiece on a dinner table with


Firstly, we used the Fable Dinnerware Set for the base of our table setting. The dinner plates, salad plates, and pasta bowls all have a subtle speckled pattern and organic shape so they feel like they perfectly fit into our natural look. Use our code MAISON.BLONDE10OFF for a little discount. In between the dinner plates, I placed our linen Comerio Napkins. The cutlery was a wedding gift from my grandparents, so I love every opportunity to use it!

Ekmek bread board and Jiro Clay Bowl used for appetizers at a dinner party

The amber highball glasses and amber decanter we used for water are from Indigo. Our wine glasses were an amazing find at Home Sense! I wish that they were more consistent because I only picked up four and now I want more, but haven't seen them there since.

For an appetizer before the meal we used our small Ekmek Bread Board for some charcuterie and our Jiro Bowl for some Olives that Brad is currently obsessed with.

Ekmek bread board and Jiro Clay Bowl set on a dinner table with Fable dishware

While I like to have most things on the table to have a purpose, it is good to have some decor to tie the whole setup together. We got a beautiful bouquet from Maison Anthea to go in our Small Pare Clay Jar. It's ideal to have a focal point on the table and this was ours. We used candle sticks and candle stick holders from Indigo to balance out the other decor on the table. 

Our outdoor dining table was made by Brad out of White Oak wood. White oak is a wood that is often used for outdoor furniture as it is naturally resistant to water and the insects tend to stay away from it. 

Since it can be chilly here in the evenings even during the summer we added a few throws and pillows to keep us comfortable. 

Suma Antique Clay Pot is a beautiful vintage pot that is handmade and each one is unique.
Although we won't be hosting parties outside for the next few months (boo), I'm excited to use some of these same pieces for some indoor dinner parties as we move into the holiday season!

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