Maison Blonde's Go-To White Paints

White is one of the most popular paint colours in the design world. Its timeless consistency creates the perfect neutral backdrop for any space. Whether you’re choosing paint colours for your walls, cabinets or a DIY project, it can be a daunting task. The undertones in different whites create a variety of selections and today we are going to share our go-to choices with you. Stay tuned at the end for our recommendations for picking the perfect colour for your home.



 Crisp Whites

Our go-to crisp white paint colours are Chantilly Lace, Oxford White and Super White. These specific colours are vivid whites with very few undertones. We typically choose these colours when we want a space to feel brighter, create a bold impact, evoke sharper contrast (such as trim) and create a clean feel in the environment. Each colour has slightly different undertones while maintaining the general timeless appeal of a bright simple white. 

Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore
The perfect choice if you are looking for a bright white with almost no undertones. Chantilly Lace is elegant with traces of sophistication. This colour is commonly used for trim, doors, walls and ceilings.
Oxford White, Benjamin Moore
Oxford White is very similar to Chantilly Lace, however, it has a slightly warmer undertone while remaining a neutral white that can also be applied to trim, doors, walls and ceilings.
Super White, Benjamin Moore
Super white is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a pure white that leans towards the cool side. This is our go-to if the space has lots of natural light to neutralize the cooler toned colour with its warmth.

Northridge Remodel: The Kitchen + Dining Nook

Chantilly Lace Upper Cabinetry | Design: Studio Mcgee


Oxford White Kitchen Cabinetry | Design: Andrea Mcqueen Design

Warm Whites

Warm whites are our favourites here at Maison Blonde. Although we still love the classic bright white colours we tend to find ourselves drawn to softer tones. The warmer colour tones add an earthy natural vibe to any space. Selecting the right warm white can be more challenging than choosing a pure white. The undertones of each colour can vary depending on the lighting (natural and artificial), furniture and finishes. 
White Dove, Benjamin Moore
White Dove is a soft, creamy white with slight yellow undertones. This colour is a perfect choice for walls, cabinets and trims if you are looking for a way to add warmth into a space without it appearing yellow.
Cloud Cover, Benjamin Moore
Cloud Cover is a classic choice. Similar to white dove, this paint colour is a great off-white with a greige feel to it. 
Steam, Benjamin Moore
Steam is a very versatile colour that can take on different undertones in different spaces. This colour can either be a warm or cool tone. This is one of our neutral go-to's for walls, trim and cabinetry. We used Steam for our home's exterior, pergola and shed.
Steam Exterior Brick | Design: Maison Blonde
White Dove Cabinetry Paint | Design: Studio Mcgee



Cream Colours

Classic cream colours are loved here at Maison Blonde. These three colours are used frequently in projects. We love the organic look and feel that creamy colour brings to a space. Our favourites are very tonal with sophistication and elegance. 

Natural Cream, Benjamin Moore

This is one of Nicole and Brad's favourite creamy colours. As seen in the Maison Blonde kitchen, the natural cream colour has tonal depth as well as a refined aspect. The natural raw feel of the colour tones creates an overall comfortable vibe in any application. 

Fog Mist, Benjamin Moore

Part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Collection, this colour has a sophisticated feeling. We love the tone of this simple off-white colour and would recommend it be used for walls, trim and as a cabinet paint colour.  

Drop Cloth, Farrow&Ball

A team favourite here at Maison Blonde. Whether painting bathroom vanities, walls or kitchen cabinets drop cloth is an excellent option to achieve natural warmth while achieving a cultivated look.

Drop Cloth Cabinetry | Design: Willow Tree Interiors LTD.

Natural Cream Cabinetry | Design: Maison Blonde

Rejuvenation Hardware

Rio Vintage Pendant Light

Tips & Tricks

Choosing the right paint colour for your home can be difficult. If consulting a designer or an industry professional isn't an option for you, we have listed a step-by-step guide to assist you in selecting the perfect paint colour for your home.
  1. The first step when picking a white paint colour is to determine the colour you would like throughout your home. If you want a cool vibe throughout then try and find a colour with grey/blue undertones. If you want a warm atmosphere we recommend selecting an off-white with yellow/beige undertones.
  2. Step two, gather your house finishes. If you have any extra flooring samples, countertop samples and important fabrics bring them with you. If you don't have any samples it can help to take pictures to reference.
  3. Once you have narrowed it down to your top 3 favourite options we recommend getting samples of each colour. 
  4. Step four, take the samples home and paint them directly onto a small portion of your wall (Use primer if covering a dark colour) or alternatively a piece of white foam core. Always paint two coats to see the truest form of the colour.
  5. The next step is to wait at least 24 hours to see the colour in the natural light from all different times of the day. If you painted on the foam core it is also a good idea to move the samples around in the space so you can see how the lighting will affect the colour in different areas.
  6. Once you determine the colour you want and are ready then measure the square footage of the wall space that you are covering and go to the nearest paint store to place your order. 



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