2022 Hardware Roundup

Hardware is a key element in any design. Selecting the perfect hardware can elevate any space making it feel customized and curated. Hardware can be the easiest, most cost-effective way to update areas in your home. Choosing hardware is one of our favourite details in the design process whether it be for a small bathroom or a full kitchen reno. Although every project is different, today we are going to share a few of our go-to hardware options.


  • We love mixing metals in spaces, however, we try not to have more than 2-3 different finishes in space and only one cabinet hardware finish. For example, in bathrooms, we may do wall sconces and the cabinet hardware in a brass finish, but then do the faucet in a nickel finish. In that same scenario, we would try to incorporate the nickel into another aspect of the room such as towel rods or even the shower fixtures. Doing this creates continuity while adding subtle details.
  • Mixing knobs and pulls can be a fun way to add diversity to a room. Our Maison Blonde kitchen is a great example of this. We put a knob on the top drawer and cup pulls on the bottom two. In our kitchen, we also added our favourite cabinet latches to add an extra level of detail.
  • Finishes can be challenging to choose and we recommend sticking to one finish for your cabinet hardware. For example, our favourite finish is unlacquered brass but, we wouldn't mix it with polished, satin or aged brass (this applies to cabinet only, not lighting and plumbing fixtures). 
  • Try changing up quantities. We love simplicity, but with larger drawer widths (larger than 30"), it can be fun to add two knobs to a drawer or vice versa, two cup pulls. However, for practicality and cost reasons, we wouldn't recommend using more than two pieces of hardware on a drawer front. 
  • Get creative with it, there are no specific rules when choosing hardware. Pick what you love and by using these tips and tricks your space will evolve with a personalized touch.
Here are some of our favourite hardware pieces if you're looking for some inspiration!
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