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Article: Rug Size Guide

Rug Size Guide

Rug Size Guide

Area rugs are a key part of any design. They ground the elements of a room while adding softness, texture and warmth. It can be very overwhelming and discouraging searching for the perfect rug for your home since there are a million options, sizes and materials. That is why we decided to create a rug guide filled with tips and tricks we use while selecting rugs. Stay tuned at the end to find out our designer's picks for favourite rugs.

Living Room

There are many steps and variables to consider when selecting an area rug for your living room. We are going to walk you through our best tips and tricks that will make the selection process seamless.


Option 1
  • All pieces of furniture have two front legs on the area rug.
  • Typically allows for more furniture and more layout options.
  • Our most commonly used option as it works in all spaces and has the most flexibility.
  • More cost-effective, the smaller the rug the less expensive.
  • Works well with most rug sizes, common options are: 6'x9', 8'x10', 9'x12' and 10'x14'.
Option 2
  • All pieces of furniture are sitting completely on the rug.
  • Less furniture layout options because the furniture takes up more space on the rug.
  • Provides a more grounded feel for the space and makes the furniture layout feel intentional.
  • Can also work with a smaller layered rug on top.
  • To maximize the room potential we recommend using this option in larger rooms with larger rug sizes (9'x12 and 10'x14').
  • Option 2 can work in small spaces as well, you will just need smaller furniture and/or less furniture.
Additional Information
  • The rug should be a minimum of 6" wider than either side of your sofa.
  • Ensure all main walk-through and traffic areas have the proper amount of flow space between furniture.
  • Living rooms generally need 30"-36" of open flow space for high traffic areas (can vary depending on the size and shape of the space).

Dining Room

Dining rooms are a fun place to add an area rug as it will add a soft elegant feel and even protect the flooring. There are a few variables that we always consider when finding the ideal rug.

Option 1
  • Option 1 is the ideal size, typically 8'x10' or 9'x12'.
  • This shows a rug large enough to fit a table, with the chairs completely pulled out, and still have extra room along the perimeter.
Option 2
  • If the first option is not feasible, ensure that there is a minimum of 24" from each edge of the table to the edge of the area rug. This will make it less likely for chairs to get caught on the edge of the rug.


    Runners are an excellent addition to kitchens for many reasons. They add texture, variety, visual interest and they can also complement the colours/finishes throughout the space. Here at Maison Blonde, we love choosing the perfect runner to complete our clients and even our own kitchen! Shop our kitchen runner at the Maison Blonde store.

    Galley Kitchen
    • We recommend a large runner in the centre of the kitchen.
    • Sizes of the runner will depend on the size of the kitchen, typically between 2'-3' wide and anywhere from 6'-12' long.
    • In an L-shape kitchen, we typically like to place the runners in front of the sink, stove or main work area.
    • The size of the runner will depend on the size of the space but like the galley kitchen they can range from 2'-3' wide and 4'-12' long.
    Additional Information
    • We always recommend having space in between the runner and the cabinets so that it feels intentional, 4"minimum.
    • Kitchens are very high-traffic areas that tend to have spills and stains, so we recommend using durable options such as wool or synthetic materials.
    • If a runner isn't the best option or doesn't work for your kitchen, an alternative is a 2'x3' rug that can be placed at the base of the sink cabinet.
    • L-Shape or U-Shape kitchens without an island can have a larger 3'x5' or 5'x7' rug instead of a runner. 

    Our Kitchen Runner



    Area rugs are very important to add comfort and completion to your bedroom. The soft material that greets your feet as you wake up in the morning is the perfect way to start your day. The simple guidelines that we follow when selecting rugs for sleeping areas, as well as cost-effective alternatives, are listed below. 

     King Bed

    Queen Bed


    Twin/Single Bed



    Stair runners are a fun way to add colour, texture and continuity to your home. Determining the correct width of the runner is more of a sliding scale than a consistent algorithm. As we specify runners for clients we have a few general guidelines that we follow.

    • For bigger staircases within the 4'-5' wide range, we typically like to stay within the 32"-36" range, leaving more room on either side.
    • For smaller staircases around 3' wide, we typically like to go with smaller sizes like 27" with around 4.5" of space on either side.
    • Stairs are a very high traffic area in any home, therefore we recommend using wool or a synthetic material such as polyester to ensure that it stands the test of time.
    • Although these are general guidelines you can follow, every staircase and space is unique. We would still recommend consulting a professional to ensure you get the perfect runner for your home. 

    Tips, Tricks & Favourites

    Now that you know how to choose the perfect rug size for your space we can share our tips, tricks and favourite rug selections. 

    1. Natural materials are our favourite rug options here at Maison Blonde. We love wool because of its durability, clean-ability and look & feel. Other natural rugs that are good alternatives (though less cleanable) are jute, seagrass and sisal. 
    2. Vintage rugs are another great option for us when we are looking to add colour and pattern into a neutral space. 
    3. Layering rugs is a great way to combine both the soft texture and warmth of natural rugs with the pattern and colour of vintage rugs. We would suggest layering a rug like our kitchen runner the Lennon Machine Washable Rug, which is also available in larger sizes, on top of a natural jute rug such as the Sapa Rug. The contrast of warm texture and colourful patterns elevates any space while adding extra detail to create more visual interest.
    4. Lastly, we highly recommend using a rug pad for all the rugs in your home. We can't stress enough how important this is at it will prevent slipping to create an overall safer environment for you and your family, as well as protecting the rug itself from unnecessary stress. The Luxury Grip Rug Pad from our store has worked perfectly for Nicole in Brad in their living room, it can also be cut to accommodate the carpet size that you have. 
    Nicole's Favourite

    Sapa Bleached Jute Rug

    100% Jute 

    This stunning rug is featured in Nicole and Brad's living room. The neutral colour tone and textural elements bring a natural look and feel to any space. Nicole's favourite parts of this rug are the tight weave of the sisal and the soft bleached colour.

    Brad's Favourite

    Lauren Rug

    55% Viscose, 45% Wool

    Viscose is an exceptionally soft material, however, it stains easily. The perfect location for this rug would be in a bedroom or any low-traffic area in your home. Brad loves this rug for its softness in both colour tones and touch and feel. He's also always had a thing for vintage rugs and this one does a great job replicating that vibe!

    Janelle's Favourite

    Olaine Rug

    100% Wool

    This wool carpet is the perfect choice for any high-traffic area in your home. The softness and textural elements will enhance any space it is placed. Janelle's favourite part about the Olaine Rug is that it has a calm, simple feel along with subtle detailing.

    Alyssa's Favourite

    Kauai Rug Taupe

    100% Jute

    This natural rug has the perfect weave to captivate any room. This rug would be a great option for layering with a vintage rug on top or in a bedroom. Alyssa's favourite part of this rug is the softness of the jute and the thick weaving.


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