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Article: Lighting Tips & Tricks

Lighting Tips & Tricks

Lighting Tips & Tricks

Lighting can make a huge impact on your space, but the question is, how do you maximize its potential? Deciding how high to hang your light fixture or what light bulb you should use aren't easy tasks! We've decided to create a lighting guide full of our tips and tricks for creating the perfect ambience in your home. Enjoy!


Pendant Lights Over an Island

One of our most asked questions is how high and how far apart pendant lights should be in your kitchen. There are many variables to consider when deciding this and every situation is unique, therefore we will share our general rule of thumb. 


At least a minimum of 30" between pendant lights.

Between 30-34" above the island countertop for standard 8' ceilings. Our general rule of thumb for higher ceilings is that we like to add an additional 1" for every 1' of extra ceiling height, however, this is subject to change depending on the situation.

Smaller lights or larger islands could require 3 lights. Ensure that the edge of the lights is at least 6" from the counter's edge.


Design: Maison Blonde  |  In our kitchen, we have a smaller island, 6'W x 5'D, and our Rio Pendants are spaced 36" apart (center to center) and 33" above the counter to the bottom. 



Design: Studio McGee  |  An example of a large island with three pendants. 

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Lights Above Dining Tables

There are many options for lights above dining room tables, some of which include, one or multiple pendant lights and round or linear chandeliers. With so many choices and many different table sizes and shapes, it can be very hard to know the correct hanging locations. We hope the illustration below answers your questions! 

 Between 30-36" above the dining table.

Linear lights should not take up more than 2/3 of the dining table.

Pendants and round chandeliers should have a minimum of 6" from the edge of the light to the edges of the table.


Design: Studio McGee  |  An example of a linear chandelier - notice how the ratio is balanced and it does not take up more than 2/3 of the dining table.

Design: Amber Interiors  |  This is a great example of a round fixture above a dining table. Take note of how the scale is proportional and it doesn't feel top-heavy. This is because the edges of the light are not too close to the edge of the table, remember to leave a minimum of 6". 

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Wall Sconce Heights

Wall sconces are one of our favourite types of lighting. Whether they are being used for task lighting or accent lighting they can elevate any room or any design. There are many applications for wall sconces, therefore, there are many hanging heights to cover. Below we will break it down for you to simplify the process.  

Bathroom sconces should be hung at face height, between 60-65” above the floor.

Bedside sconces should be easily reachable from a sitting position while in bed, It will vary depending on the size of the bed frame. Typically 50-60” above the floor.

Artwork should be hung at face height, between 60-65” above the floor. The picture light should be placed approximately 5-7” above the frame.


Design: Amber Interiors  |  This stunning bathroom design by Amber Interiors is a great example of a wall sconce being hung at face height.


Design: Studio Mcgee | Each element of this room is tied together creating harmony and completion, the scales are displayed correctly as you can see that the sconce is hung in the correct location, 50-60" above the floor.


Design: The Identite Collective  |  This image illustrates the guideline of hanging a picture light approximately 5-7" above the edge of the frame. Doing so creates a balanced intentional detail in the space.

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Thank you for the measurements and tips! I’m thinking of refurbishing my parent’s house when they’re on vacation. So far, I’ve only read here about kitchen island light styles and some points to think about. One example would be ceiling heights. Some forget about ceiling heights and make mistakes in their measurements. Another would be island size. Some lights are not suited for certain island sizes; some might be too big or too small.

Sunny Armstrong

I will definitely use this as a reference again. Very helpful. Would love more post like this.

Amy Crawford

Thank you Yvonne!

Alyssa Harmsma (Maison Blonde)

Very informative and well written Alyssa!

Yvonne Moesker

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