3 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa

Sofas are one of the most used pieces of furniture in a home, it can be a scary and daunting task trying to find the perfect one. Luckily we are here to help! Today's blog is on the top 3 most important things to consider before purchasing your sofa! Our goal is to help you make an informed decision that you are confident in as well as enjoy the shopping process! I promise it can be fun! :) 

When you're shopping, these things may not be obvious right away, so make sure ask your sales person questions when making this big purchase!


1. Size & Shape

The first step, is determining the correct size and shape of your sofa! There are many factors that we consider while choosing sofas for our clients, for example, the size of the room, how many people will be using it, and what it will be used for will all affect the decision-making process. Below are a few guidelines for you to follow to help confirm that you will get the right fit for you and your family!

  • Measure the room that you want your sofa to be in, and make sure that there is enough room for at least 3' of flow space for any main traffic areas
  • In smaller spaces it is okay to have things closer together, however, we do not recommend going less than 1'-8" between pieces in main traffic paths, if you do, it will begin to feel crammed together
  • We also recommend mapping out the space, deciding how you want to layout your furniture ie; where you want the existing furniture and the new sofa
  • Mapping out the room will help you determine the size you require and the shape
  • Another key element to consider before purchasing your sofa is the shape of the body. There isn't one size that fits all because there are many things to consider. Some important aspects to consider when selecting are the style of the house, the pre-existing furniture and the finishes in the room! Our go-to at Maison Blonde is an elegantly refined style with sloped arms and European influence
  • Below are examples of a casual living room floor plan and a formal floor plan

Casual Floor Plan Example

This is an example of a casual living room floor plan. This is a standard 16'Wx20'L living room with the Neva Modular Sectional, from our store, and an accent chair. As you can see the room feels very open and allows for lots of flow space in all the high-traffic areas! The sectional is composed of 3 Corner Pieces and 3 Armless pieces! We love this sectional for an informal living room for watching movies with your family or snuggling up and reading a book. 

Formal Floor Plan Example

This is an example of a formal living room floor plan. This is a standard 16'Wx20'L living room with a basic layout consisting of two sofas, two accent chairs and two ottomans by the fire. This living room accommodates a lot of seating and would be great for entertaining guests and used as a conversational area. Because there is more furniture and seating, the space between each piece is closer together, making the space feel more intimate!

2. Suspension

Suspension is the part of your sofa that keeps the cushions from sagging and gives you a seat to sit on! There are many different types of suspension and some are better than others.

Eight-Way Hand-Tied

  • This is the most labour-intensive option however, it is the best quality with the longest life span 
  • This method involves numerous coil springs all tied 8 different ways, from side to side, front to back and diagonally
  • The final product is supportive, flexible, soft, and comfortable

Image | Hadley Court

Sinuous Springs

  • This is the most common type of suspension in mid-range sofas
  • It is a spring system made of heavy steel wires formed into a continuous S-shaped coil
  • If done correctly this method can be very effective, if not it will lessen the quality of your sofa

Image | Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet

Drop-In & Pocket Coil Springs

  • A less labour-intensive version of spring suspension
  • The drop-in coils are constructed as one piece of the furniture and they are not supported on the bottom therefore over time the cushions will sag
  • Keep an eye out for some manufacturers who will simply add twine into this construction method and try and pass it as the 'Eight-Way Hand-Tied Method" 

Image | Leggett & Platt

Grid & Webbing Suspension

  • This is the least common suspension type and it can be found in mid-grade sofas
  • The suspension is composed of wire grids attached to springs on the side
  • We recommend avoiding this type of suspension because the wires tend to break and they have been known to be loud  

 Image | Life Easy Supply


3. Fabric & Materials

The fabric and upholstery materials that you choose for your sofa are extremely important, not only for the look and feel but also for durability! Luckily we are here to give you our opinions on the right upholstery options for your new sofa!

  • Firstly, you will need to consider the daily use of your sofa. If you are buying a family room sofa or have pets, you should always select a durable performance fabric that is easy to clean
  • Every company is different and has different options to choose from but some of our go-to durable materials are Performance Linen, Synthetic Microfiber, Wool Blends & Polyester
  • When selecting fabric for custom upholstery you will want to select one with between 10,000 (for light-medium use) and 30,000 Rub Count/Double Rub (for heavier duty uses)
  • If you are selecting a sofa for occasional use that won't see much wear or tear, we love a good natural linen look
  • We recommend searching for something that is slip-covered or has a removable cover, this will make cleaning much easier (some are even washing machine safe!)
  • When selecting the colour, pattern or style of the fabric we like to keep it neutral to maintain a timeless aesthetic


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Hi, I am currently redecorating my living room because it just looks outdated and boring. One thing I want to change is my furniture so here I am looking to get tips when buying a reclining sofa. I’ll keep in mind that choosing the right sofa’s size and form is the first step! As you said: the size of the space, how many people will be using it, and its intended usage are just a few of the numerous considerations we take into account when selecting couches for our clients.

Taylor Abrams November 23, 2023

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