Willow Creek Kitchen

Maison Blonde Willow Creek Project Kitchen DesignMaison Blonde Willow Creek Project Kitchen Design
Maison Blonde Willow Creek Project Kitchen Design


Beautiful kitchen!! Curious your spacing from cooktop to hood. Thank you very much.

Melanie August 21, 2023

NVM – found the pendants in the other blog :)

Claire March 06, 2023

Gorgeous! Where did you get the pendants over the counters? I looked in the other blog post but couldn’t find the link! Thanks!

Claire March 06, 2023

Is the cabinet to the left of the fridge and "appliance area with tuck away doors? If so, could you please provide a picture with the doors open? We are creating one of these in our kitchen. Thank you

Tricia February 28, 2023

Hello Jen! This backsplash tile is from a company called Cle tile, they are the Zellige subway tiles in the colour weathered white!

Our client actually bought these tiles directly from the website and drove to the U.S to pick them up!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) February 06, 2023

Hi there!
I saw my question asked, but not answered, so I thought I’d try again!
I’m in Canada, and am obsessed with the backsplash….I want it!
I see that you’re also based in Canada.
How do you receive your tile?
Do you pay the extra 3rd party freight shipping fee and take on the risk?
Or do you have a Canadian supplier?
Thanks in advance!
The kitchen is absolutely stunning!!!

Jen February 06, 2023

Thank you, Samantha! It is from a company called Earthhaus Plaster, it is a Lime Stone Finish in the colour ‘Shell’. I have attached a link below to the website for you, hopefully, this helps!


Alyssa January 18, 2023

LOVE this kitchen so much! Question – what type of paint did you use on the range alcove? Is it limewash?

Samantha January 18, 2023

Hello Gail, thank you very much for the feedback! The appliance pull is from a company called Rejuvenation and the link is below for you!


Alyssa (Maison Blonde) January 03, 2023

Beautiful kitchen…
I would like to know the brand of the handle on the refrigerator. Is it an appliance handle?
Thank you

Gail Slinger January 03, 2023

Hello Sarah! All the info for this kitchen is in the Willow Creek Kitchen Reveal blog post!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) November 30, 2022

This kitchen is gorgeous! Can you please share your wall and cabinets colors?

Sarah November 30, 2022

Love you floors! Do you mind sharing the line and color?

Stephanie November 21, 2022

Thank you very much, Christine, we are very happy with how the space turned out as well! The ceiling height is actually 9’-0" Tall!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) November 07, 2022

I can’t stop looking at this kitchen! I have a much smaller space, but love so many of details in this space. I especially love the minimal molding at the ceiling. Would you mind sharing the overall ceiling height of this kitchen? Thank you.

Christine November 07, 2022

Hello Ashley! The countertops are called Montauk by Hanstone!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) October 03, 2022

Can you share the name of the countertops? Thank you!

Ashley October 03, 2022

Hello Nina! Yes it is unlacquered brass!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) September 29, 2022

Is the hardware unlacquered brass?

Nina September 29, 2022

Hello Mireya, the link to the lights can be found in our blog section on the website. It is the project links section the name is “Willow Creek Kitchen Reveal”. Thanks!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) September 12, 2022

I love your wall sconces above the sink. Will you share where they were purchased

Mireya September 12, 2022

Beautiful work!!!! I’m wondering where you source the Cle tile from in Canada. I’m in calgary and have called around but haven’t found anyone that has it yet. Thanks!!

Jas September 06, 2022

Sian – Thank you very much, we are very happy with how it turned out! The countertops are Montauk by Hanstone!

Sue – The backsplash is actually a Zellige Subway Tile from the company Cle Tile, in the colour weathered white! It’s definitely one of our favourites!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) August 04, 2022
Absolutely beautiful! I am currently remodeling y kitchen and using a similar color on cabinets and backsplash. Can you tell me the name of your quartz? Thank you!
Sian August 04, 2022

Can you provide the name of the manufacturer of the backsplash tile and the specific tile name and colour? It’s beautiful! Thank you 😊

Sue July 26, 2022

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