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Peggy – Hello Peggy! Either option for your lower cabinetry would look great. We opted for the white upper and lowers in this kitchen to keep it feeling clean, crisp and bright! Regarding the sink, we choose to do a drop-in sink in this kitchen, but apron sinks are also very nice, that comes down to your personal preference!

Katherine – Thank you, we are very happy with how it turned out! The crown moulding and toe kick on the cabinetry are White Dove. The baseboards/trim are actually painted, Chantilly Lace.

Alyssa January 17, 2023

Hi! Absolutely in love with this kitchen, so stunning!! What colours did you choose for the crown moulding and baseboards/trim? The same as the cabinetry (White Dove?

Katherine January 17, 2023

This kitchen is stunning! I’m about to turn in my plans for my kitchen reno and am doing a white oak island with white surrounding cabinets. I’m trying to decide whether I should do my lower cabinets in white oak and whether to do an apron front sink or drop in. I want a clean look like this kitchen. What are your thoughts on doing white or oak lower cabinets and apron front or drop in sink? What sink did you use in this kitchen?

Peggy January 17, 2023

Thank you Candy, we are very happy with how it turned out! I will attach the links below for you!

Bin Pulls

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) January 10, 2023

Hello Cassandra, thank you very much for reaching out to confirm! I was mistaken, it is actually Mont Blanc Quartzite! I apologize for the confusion!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) January 10, 2023

Hello, Im so sorry to keep bothering you, but I went to check out the Taj Mahal stone and it seems significantly darker than the Bungalow Kitchen countertop. Would you mind confirming that it’s indeed MSI Taj mahal Quartzite in this kitchen?


Cassandra January 10, 2023

Beautiful!! Can you share the knobs, pulls and cups you used?

Candy January 10, 2023

Frank – The backsplash is a Zellige Tile from a company called Cle Tile! It is the colour weathered white!

Cassandra – Hello! The countertop is actually a quartzite called Taj Mahal!

Mary – Thank you! The counter stools are actually black wood with a woven seat and back!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) January 03, 2023

Just gorgeous! Every detail is perfect! Can you share the details on the counter stools? And are they black or a dark walnut color? So pretty

Mary January 03, 2023

Hi Nicole! Me again! Are you able to share the countertop material? I love the darker color and how it provides contrast against the white cabinets. Been looking and can’t find anything like it

Cassandra Senior January 03, 2023

Beautiful backsplash!! What is the name of it?

Frank January 03, 2023

Hello Cassandra! Nicole has actually done White Dove with Chantilly Lace in her home and it looks great! If you are looking for a bright white than it is a great choice!

Alyssa December 05, 2022

I’m so in love with how bright but warm this kitchen is!

I see you’ve used BM White Dove on the cabinets. Will White Dove cabinets in the kitchen work if I’ve got BM Chantilly lace on the walls through the house?

Cassandra Senior December 05, 2022

Amy – Thank you very much! Regarding the pot filler, if you have thick enough exterior walls and you use spray foam, you should be able to do it. But it all depends on your local construction code!

Destanie – Thank you! The fridge is Frigidaire the Professional Series! For the counter stools, we typically recommend 2’ (give or take) of space per stool at the island.

Sydney – I will link the flooring below for your reference and the island is white oak stained to match the flooring!

Anita – The faucet and pot filler are linked below for you! They are in the English Gold finish.

Debra – The island is white oak with a custom stain! It was stain matched to the flooring, which is listed above for you!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) November 07, 2022

I love your island color! I have someone building mine out of Maple and I’m trying to find a stain color similar to
your island. Can you tell me did you stain in your island or did you buy it that way?

Debra Sever November 07, 2022

Hi! Love everything about this kitchen :) Do you mind me asking where you got your pot filler and tap? Hoping I can also find them in Canada?!

Anita November 07, 2022

Beautiful kitchen! I am building and would love to know the brand of refrigerator and how big your island is. I’d love to fit 5 chairs at my island!

Destanie Feld November 07, 2022

This kitchen is exceptionally beautiful!
I am told I cannot put a pot filler on an exterior wall. If you could please share the trick for doing this.

Amy Hunter November 07, 2022

Beautiful! Do you mind sharing the details of the barstools?

Erin November 07, 2022

Hi! Love the color of the floors and island. Do you know the name of it?

Sydney November 07, 2022

Hello Stephanie, thank you very much, we are very happy with how it turned out! The doors on the hutch are not pocket doors, they are just regular hinges!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) October 11, 2022

Hi! I love the design. On the counter to ceiling cabinets, are they pocketing doors that slide in once opened?

Stephanie Keith October 11, 2022

Hi there!! Your kitchen is beautiful! I LOVE the pendants over the kitchen island and I’ve been searching for something similar, would you mind sharing where they’re from?

Jeanmarie September 06, 2022

Elizabeth – Thank you very much, you’re to sweet! The wall colour is actually Cloud Cover, from Benjamin Moore!

Alyssa (Maison Blonde) August 23, 2022

Gorgeous kitchen! I love the elegant, yet bright feeling of the room. What paint color did you put on the walls to compliment White Dove cabinets?
Thank you for sharing this with us!

Elizabeth August 23, 2022

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