Acacia Paper Towel HolderAcacia Paper Towel Holder
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The Ansel Bottle has oval opening and a round base.The Ansel Bottle is a small porcelain decorative bottle.

Ansel Bottle

$49.00 CAD
Havana Tea TowelHavana Tea Towel
On sale

Havana Tea Towel

$25.00 CAD $44.00 CAD
Round Yufka Grazing Boards - SaleRound Yufka Grazing Boards - Sale
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Round Yufka Grazing Boards - Sale

$105.00 CAD $145.00 CAD
Rattan PitcherRattan Pitcher

Rattan Pitcher

$119.00 CAD
Jiro Clay BowlJiro Clay Bowl

Jiro Clay Bowl

$39.00 CAD
Morbello Palm BroomMorbello Palm Broom
On sale

Morbello Palm Broom

$19.00 CAD $38.00 CAD
Tamara Tea Towel (set of 2)Tamara Tea Towel (set of 2)
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Tamara Tea Towel (set of 2)

$23.00 CAD $39.00 CAD
Ava Stone PitcherAva Stone Pitcher
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