Decorative Cushion Insert - Feather Filled (White Feathers)

$47.00 CAD

A natural cushion fill to enhance the feel of your most beautiful cushion cover. Made of 80% Feather + 20% White Down, this cushion fill offers the perfect compression for your neck and for decorative cushion fluffing.

A little trick of the trade; we recommend a slightly smaller cushion cover than insert so that it will look nice and full. The 22" insert will fit into 20" cushion cover perfectly. For the 28" insert use a 26" pillow cover for the best fill.

Made in Canada!

  • Materials: 80% Feather + 20% White Down, 233 Thread Down Proof Cotton

We recommend fluffing these pillows by hand to ensure they stay light and feathery. Simply grab opposite ends of the pillow and compress and decompress the pillow quickly (almost like you're playing an accordion). Next, give your pillow a good couple of punches! This helps break up the materials and allows better airflow and overall fluffiness.  

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