Alaric Serving BoardThe Alaric serving board is made of strong acacia wood.

Alaric Serving Board

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A sleek modern glass carafe made from handblown glass.
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Modern Carafe

$67.00 CAD
Jiro Clay BowlJiro Clay Bowl
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Jiro Clay Bowl

$38.00 CAD
Daphne TrayDaphne Tray

Daphne Tray

$44.00 CAD
The Ansel Jar has a cream colour with a light speckled look.The Ansel jar is a small porcelain jar that can be used as decoration or to hold utensils.
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Ansel Jar

$67.00 CAD
Rattan PitcherRattan Pitcher

Rattan Pitcher

$119.00 CAD
Round Yufka Grazing Boards - SaleRound Yufka Grazing Boards - Sale
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Round Yufka Grazing Boards - Sale

$105.00 CAD $145.00 CAD

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