Brass Pepper Mill 9"

$104.18 USD $119.16 USD

An unlacquered brass pepper mill to flavour your food and a beautiful piece of decor to your kitchen! Handcrafted in Europe, these pepper mills are designed to grind your pepper instead of smashing it, bringing out the best flavour. Adjustable to have coarse or fine pepper, there is plenty of room in the mill for your favourite seasoning. 

The open bottom and long brass arm makes for easy grinding that can be done directly over your food.

These grinders are crafted from natural brass. They will come to you bright and shiny but quickly age and patina beautifully with use. 

Pair with the Brass Salt Mill also on the Maison Blonde Shop.

  • Dimensions: 9" H x 1.6" Dia
  • Materials: Natural Brass, Unlacquered (They will come to you bright and shiny but quickly age and patina beautifully with use.) 

The mill handle is stored inside the body. Unscrew the nut at the top of the mill, remove the cap, take out the handle, fill and then replace the cap. Put the handle on top of the mill and screw the nut down tight. Prior to first use, we recommend cleaning the mechanism by grinding a small quantity through the mill and discarding. Never wash or submerge the mill in water, as water will corrode the mechanism. 

The outside of the mill will naturally oxidize and develop a patina over time through use and exposure to salt, moisture, and other environmental factors. However, if users wish to retain a bright, as-new polished look, ordinary metal cleaners can be used with a soft cloth to polish the outside of the mill. When refilling salt mills, use a dry cloth to wipe away any salt residue around the grinder cap and the body. The salt residue may cause oxidation if left on the body. 

All mills listed as Pepper Mills, are made for pepper, but can also grind dry spices. Generally, it is not recommended to grind spices with a soft core or large peppercorns in these mills. Don’t use salt in the pepper mill or pepper in the salt mill. They are manufactured specifically for their type of spice. It is also not recommended to use “wet” or “grey” sea salt, or salt flakes in the salt mill because it will clog the mechanism.

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