Elevated Horizon Sketch II

$539.00 CAD
Step into the sublime with our Elevated Horizon Sketch II. This captivating piece transports you to a world where the sky meets the earth in a harmonious dance of lines and shadows. The sketch beautifully captures the essence of an elevated cliff, invoking a sense of majesty and awe. With each stroke, the artist brings the rugged beauty of the landscape to life, inviting you to contemplate the expansive horizon and embrace the grandeur of nature. Elevate your space with this evocative sketch that captures the spirit of elevated serenity.

This is a made-to-order item. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

  • Dimensions: 21.25" L x 26.25" H
  • Colours: Black, Gray, Ivory, Taupe
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Glass Framed
  • Made in Canada

We recommend light dusting and treating this item with lots of care!

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