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Antique Mini Clay Pot

Sale price$89.00 CAD
Clay Pot:A

Discover the charm of our mini Antique Clay Pot, carefully curated by our team. Each piece is hand-picked, ensuring a unique vintage appeal and a delightful patina that tells its own story. This small round pot is not only a decorative accent but also a conversation piece that adds character to any space. Crafted from clay, it brings a touch of natural texture to the room, creating an inviting and earthy ambiance. Embrace the beauty of history with our mini Antique Clay Pot and infuse your decor with timeless allure.

  • Dimensions: approx 4" D
  • Materials: Clay

We recommend light dusting and treating this item with lots of care!

Antique Mini Clay Pot
Antique Mini Clay Pot Sale price$89.00 CAD