Antique Tea Tray

$134.02 USD

Discover the Antique Tea Tray, a vintage hand-carved serving tray that emanates timeless beauty. Its stunning wood tones are artfully highlighted, showcasing the craftsmanship of years past. Each tray is meticulously handpicked by our team, ensuring its exceptional quality and allure.

Originating from the rich traditions and customs of tea consumption in China's illustrious history, this tea tray carries a sense of cultural heritage and sophistication. Whether you use it for serving tea or as a decorative centerpiece, it adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to any setting. 

Limited Quantities.

  • Dimensions:Approx. 17'' L x 17'' D x 2'' H
  • Materials: Wood 

We recommend wiping this item with a dry cloth.

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