Senufo Coffee Table

$1,036.85 USD $1,407.42 USD

The Senufo Coffee Table is a vintage piece, expertly hand-carved from a single piece of dark wood in West Africa. Its slender and elongated form exudes elegance, while its organic wood texture adds a timeless beauty to any room. With its vintage charm and rich heritage, this coffee table serves as a captivating centerpiece, showcasing the exceptional artistry of hand-carved wood from the Senufo culture in West Africa.

These are vintage hand-carved items, each one will vary slightly in size and shape. 

  • Dimensions: Approx. 41" L x 15" D x 13" H
  • Materials: Iroko Wood
  • Finish: Hand-carved

Regularly dust the stools using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposing them to excessive moisture. Protect the surface by using coasters or felt pads under objects.

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