Spring Table Setting Guide

As we launch our 2024 spring collection we wanted to share our guide to setting the perfect spring table setting for any occasion.

The concept behind our collection this year was to create our ideal, completely shoppable table setting for hosting and entertaining in the warmer weather. Stay tuned for our step by step guide and extra tips/ tricks to help you plan the perfect party!

Step 1

Always start with selecting your tablecloth or runner as it acts as a backdrop for the whole table setting. Finding the perfect selection is key to setting the overall tone/vibe. For our spring collection, we decided to launch a stunning neutral linen table runner so that it serves as a versatile option for all table settings. By using a neutral runner, it allows you to be more creative and eclectic with all other elements. Additionally, you can layer our Loki Linen Runner on top of a tablecloth for added texture and visual interest.

Although we do love our neutrals here at Maison Blonde, occasionally we like to play around with color and patterns to bring life and vibrance to the table! As shown in the images below, there is a table setting with a blue-patterned runner and another with our new linen runner. Both tablescapes give off different vibes even though they are very similar settings. Which is your favorite?

Loki Linen Table RunnerEisley Linen Napkins | Saharah Vintage Pot | Patterned Table Runner

Step 2

The next step is to set out the dishes and utensils. The new dishware launching in our Spring Collection is by far our favorite dishware yet. We wanted to select pieces that had a natural timeless appeal while still adding a layer of detail to your table. Being handmade from stoneware with a textured glaze finish allows for the warm natural ceramic color to show through. We like to layer our dishes with a dinner plate at the bottom, then a napkin between the dinner plate and dessert plate, finishing it off with a salad bowl on top. Alternatively, you can put the napkin on top of the dessert plate and use a napkin ring to bring in natural tones and organic elements to the table.

When it comes to cutlery, we love a good high-quality set of silverware, and our new Zahra flatware is just that. The hand-forged simplistic design paired with the antique finish is the perfect look to elevate your table setting. When adding the cutlery, you will want to ensure that your forks are placed to the left of the plate with knives and spoons to the right. The dessert spoon should be above, facing the left side of the plate.

Last but not least, your drinkware, this is an excellent place to incorporate fun playful elements into your table setting. We wanted to spice up our table by adding a little bit of color and texture through our glasses. The new Zella Wine glasses and tumblers are the perfect choice; they bring in a natural brown color and a rippled texture that really catches the eye. 

Zahra Flatware Set | Zella Wine Glass | Zella Tumbler

Step 3
Now that your runner is selected and your dishes are laid out, the next important pieces are the florals and decorative accessories. A floral arrangement is a must-have for any table setting, whether it is decorative or formal. We love both statement bouquets and more whimsical soft stems to tie in the rest of the table. Important things to consider when selecting your florals are the vase that they will be in and the color scheme that you are going with. With our spring collection tablescape, we wanted to create a soft, light, and airy vibe to really emphasize the feeling of the warmer weather and season change. Therefore, we decided to use neutral white florals to let the rest of the table stand out and to drive home the whimsical effect.
Paired with the flower arrangement, we always like to incorporate candlesticks for a more ambient lighting option. The open flame also adds a sense of softness and serenity to the table. In our setting, we are featuring the Silver Forged Candlesticks from our online store. We used one large candlestick paired with two of the medium-sized candlesticks to have varying heights and to create more visual interest for individuals at the table! When selecting decorative accessories, our main rule of thumb is to have pieces with varying finishes and textures to incorporate many layers of detail.

Aura Clear Vase | Silver Forged Candlesticks

Step 4
Last but not least, the food! By now, your table should be all set and ready for all the yummy goodness. As important as everything else is, it is just as important to have the proper serveware and accessories. Along with our new dishware line, we have matching serving bowls and a beverage pitcher. These accessories tie the whole table setting together, maintaining continuity.
The breakfast spread shown in our images is laid out nicely on our new Griffin Serving Board. Having a breadboard makes serving so much easier and aesthetically pleasing. It is perfect for any meal from breakfast all the way to an evening happy hour charcuterie board. We hope you like our table setting guide; we are thrilled to be launching our very first shoppable tablescape just in time for Spring and Summer dinner parties! Please let us know your favorite parts in the comments below!

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